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Web Design: Wiretap Music

Wiretap Music designed by Stefan Aronsen
Design Details

Initial Diagnosis

Client: Olivia Parriott
Software: CS3
Skills: Integration, User Interface, Navigation, Style
Goal: Utilize new technology, & pair with SF Intercom

In 2008 Stefan approached Olivia with an idea to pair his survival guide with Wiretap Music’s website. At the time the survival guide didn’t exist, it was only an idea layed out on paper. (or more specifically 3 large drawing journals) As he saw it, pairing a new web site for bands with an established web site for fans made sense on multiple levels. It gave him the freedom to focus on information specifically for bands, while Wiretap focused on information for fans.

The first project was to re-design and update wiretap music. It needed to incorporate new technology as well as flow information between the two projects. What you are seeing now on wiretap music is the brain child born from hundreds of hours scheming with Olivia and Mike.

Link: http://www.wiretapmusic.com/

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