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Web Design: SF Intercom

SF Intercom - Survival Guide for Bands
Design Details

Initial Diagnosis
Client: Bay Area Bands
Software: CS3
Skills: Integration, User Interface, Navigation, Style
Goal: Utilize new technology

“The objective of SF Intercom
is to shift the music industry
to favor musicians.”

• Provide musicians with knowledge that encourages viable growth.
• Make local music more accessible to audiences.
• Solidify the importance of design in the local independent music scene.

• Create a resource that helps local independent bands get started.
• Seek out existing information and knowledge.
• Discover what bands need that they don’t already have.
• Rely on and learn from people with more knowledge than I have.
• Make all ideas public.

• Is there a shift in the music industry to favor musicians?
• Do musicians have access to a larger audience?
• Are musicians making enough money to survive?
• Are industry professionals working together?
• Are musicians and industry professionals sharing ideas?

Link: http://www.sf-inter.com


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  1. avatar Stefan says:

    To see more about SF Intercom you can also check out my Thesis Portfolio: http://www.stefanaronsen.com/home/?p=878

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