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Trade-Show: Tissla

Tissla Trade Show

Design Details

Initial Diagnosis
I was hired by Tissla to create an identity system for their multiple branches. Tissla, formerly known as AllDorm, changed their name in order to be accepted by a larger audience. They also wanted a name that would allow them to branch out into other markets. I created a cohesive branding identity for Tissla. Including but not limited to business cards, letterhead, web site & trade-show graphics. While there I also got to do marketing for: Comcast, Magic The Gathering, Chegg, Bang & Olufsen, MTV, through online advertising, social media and more.


Case History
Tissla was founded in 2000 in a Santa Clara University dorm room with a simple insight that became one of the company’s guiding principles: “There is no better person to market a product or service to a college student than another college student.”


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