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PBA Music Publishing

Client: PBA Music Publishing
Software: Fireworks, Dreamweaver
Skills: Idea generation, Navigation
Goal: Help PBA increase sales.

PBA Music Publishing’s original website had, complicated navigation and was not generating sales. I researched other major record labels that were getting sales and from this visual research created a site that fit their needs.PBA’s devotion to music goes beyond sales, and Magiclamp and I designed a custom site to accommodate the many aspects of PBA Music Publishing’s interests. An informational section on artists and composers and news page reflect PBA Music Publishing’s unique interest and keep customers interested. Plus, an integrated shopping cart and check-out process helps customers make purchases with ease.The fully searchable shopping section gives retail and wholesale customers fast access to PBA Music Publishing’s huge inventory of CDs, DVDs, and printed sheet music. Customers can search by category, sub-category, or full text, to locate their items fast. And site administration is easy, too—a web manager handles content editing, product management, and picture and sample uploading!

Link: http://www.pbamusic.com/

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