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Identity – Tissla

Business Letterhead Tissla

I was hired by Tissla to create an identity system for their multiple branches. Tissla, formerly known as AllDorm, changed their name in order to be accepted by a larger audience. They also wanted a name that would allow them to branch out into other markets. Fiona Henderson and I teamed up to create an identity system that fit Tissla perfectly.

More about the company, Tissla was founded in 2000 in a Santa Clara University dorm room with a simple insight that became one of the company’s guiding principles:

“There is no better person to market a product or service to a college
student than another college student.”
In the intervening 10 years, from its beginnings as its clients’ execution partner on college campuses to the present, Tissla has become the premiere full service collegiate marketing agency in the United States. We comprise an eclectic mix of seasoned pros and fresh faces, of creative tactics grounded by practical business strategy.

Business Letterhead Tissla Business Card Tissla Business Card Tissla

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