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TCI International, Inc

Client: TCI International, Inc
Software: Illustrator, Dreamweaver
Skills: Idea generation, Navigation
Goal: Help TCI simplify their web site

The challenge in designing the TCI web site was to create a design where a lot of information can be transmitted in a simple and un-intimidating manner. The site needed to look very professional and extremely navigation friendly.

Magiclamp and I designed this multi-level document system to meet TCI’s unique website needs. TCI offers solutions to the global market for Spectrum Monitoring & Management and Antenna Systems for broadcast, and needed clean, crisp design that would provide customers with easy-to-use navigation and search features.

We designed a self-managed news-list system, customer portal, and administration site that make it fast and easy for TCI’s staff to update their website’s content. Other features, such as concept designs, an n-tier document management system, and a registration-required PDF file library, provide TCI’s customers easy access to the information they need for their purchasing decisions.

Link: http://www.tcibr.com/

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